Sinfully yours
I'm the ragazza with her head in the book always. I have a penchant for libraries, nice pens, tattoos, piercings, fat blunts, and loud raucous music. I have a mean tendency to zone out and not give a fuck---apathy and impulse reside deep within the marrows of these bones.

I'm a bit weird according to most people. And I'm a perfectionist in love with flaws and all sorts of ugly. I admire those who got that killer sense of humor and can have me laughing until I'm in danger of wetting myself. I have a smoking fetish, I collect stockings, and I'm a demon in my mother's eyes. I have that masochistic streak and a perpetual attraction for the gritty and the macabre. Obsessive lover over art and a constant walking paradox---that's basically me in a 'nut shell.'
Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer.